Wild Chinchillas are endangered due to excessive hunting of the animal for its fur. Save the Wild Chinchillas is an organization dedicated to preserving this species. Our main focus is to expand, protect and create natural habitat where chinchillas are native.

Funds are needed to continue our research, education and habitat programs.

100% of your donation comes directly to our projects!

Please, mention your donation is for wild chinchilla projects!



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a 501c3 tax donation letter will be mailed to you for your IRS TAX forms.

  • Your contribution will be used to fund educational programs, habitat restoration and other chinchilla conservation efforts.

  • Donors will be added to our mailing list and receive our annual newsletter keeping you updated on how your contributions aid in conservation efforts. This is sent via e-mail to minimize use of paper.

  • Donating does not entitle you ownership of land, chinchillas or chinchilla products. Trade and poaching in wild chinchilla products are against Chilean and international laws (CITES).

  • Membership is free but donations are appreciated!

  • Donations are tax deductible and can be sent with your contact information.


Please email for a volunteer guide

Join us on Facebook group Save the Wild Chinchillas to see more about our field work

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